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Alarm Control Panel ACP-811A

Alarm Control Panel ACP-811A
Harga : Hubungi Kami
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ACP811A is an alarm control panel with 8 hardware protection zones and 2 software zones for panic and duress alarms.which is designed for home and office protections using the latest security concept It is built-in with voice auto-dialer anddata communicator in one unit. When alarm occurs. it gives local alarm warnings as like thetraditional alarm system and italso sends out the alarm status information to the monitor station and voice message and/or numeric message to the pre-set telephonesand/or personal pagers.As the system reports alarm event through multiple media to the appropriateparties, which guarantees that no alarm reporting will be losteven one of the parties is not on duty.The ACP811A alarm control panel is fully compatible with the 'ALARM-MONITOR" software MS-980 which Is an Ideal tool in setting up analarm monitor station with personal computer for the small to medium size community, such as a monitor station at anestate management ofice, the security control office of a commercial residentialbuilding andevena police sub-station.The ACP811A is compatible with all the public telephone systems.

Each ACP811A comes with built-in full feature master control console.Auxiliary control consoles are required topurchase separately. Both type of consolesare having the same functions except the built-in microphone for message recording is not available on the auxiliary control console
Main Features Of The Auto Dialer & Communicator

- Two 32 DigitTelephone Numbers for Communicator
- Four 32 DigitTelephone Numbersfor Auto-Dialer
- Tone Dialing (DTMF) or Pulse Dialing Possible
- Communicator Data in DTMF Formal with Check-Sum
- Remote Arm-Disarm from Any DTMF Telephone or Mobile Phone
- Programmable Pause Time between Any Digits
- Alarm / Status Reports from Communicatorto Monitor Station
- Programmable Voice Message and Numeric Messagefor Auto Dialer
- 20 Seconds Non-Volatile User Programmable Voice Message
- Controliable & Prolongable Listen-in Duration
- Back-Up or Non-Back-up Alarm Reporting
- Telephone Line Fault Detection at Arm-Disarm Control
- Programmable of Dialing Attempts, 8 Attempts Maximum
- Programmable of Message Repeats, 8 Repeats Maximum
- Selection of Communicator & Dialer Calling Combinations
- Telephone numbers Can Be Tested Individually
- Use Existing Telephone line, No Additional Line is Required
- Compatible with All the Public Telephone Systems &Those PBX Systems UsingTone-dialing Telephone

Main Features Of The Alarm Control Panel
- 8 Zones. Programmable for Instant Delay. 24 Hour Instant or 24 Hour Silent Alarm Reporting
- Programmable Master Code, Client Code & 8 User Codes
- All User Codes wilh Duress Function
- Prolection Zones are Programmable for Single or Multiple Triggering
- ProgrammableTimers for Exit Delay, Entry Delay 1 & 2.And Alarm Duration
- Arm-Disarm on site or Remotely from Any DTMFTelephone or Mobile Phone
- Programmable Response Time for Each Protection Zones
- Arm-Disarm Ring Back Notifications
- Exit and Entry Beep ON-OFF Options
- Instant Arming Codes for Home orAway Operation
- Built-in Dynamic Battery Charger andTester
- Periodically Auto or Manual BatteryTesting
- On Board Activation or Panic and Duress Alarms

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